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My name is Katarina Kojadinović and I'm from Serbia. I'm 18 and I've using photography as an escape from reality for quite a while. My passion are portraits. I also love and devote my time to doing animal portraits as well. Themes I'm into are dark, spiritual and gloomy. I am a high school student, a writer and only one year away from college. I live in the suburbs with my family. I love food, music and big cities.WVd4bFkycGhjMjl1UUcxaGFXd3VZMjl0

Katarina Kojadinović Collection

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From old masters to modern masterpieces. From curated sets to eclectic individual pieces. We have art that will be perfect for your requirement, be it for a home, office or restaurant.
If you would like us to create a collection specific to your need, or have our in-house artists reproduce a favorite piece of art, share your requirement and we will make it happen.

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Be it a small 8x8 size print to big life-size prints, we can deliver any size to you. Plus, we give you options of framed Giclee print, gallery-wrapped canvas, or delivered in a roll to frame as per your requirement.

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Whether a single piece for an empty wall, or a large number of works for a restaurant or a resort project, you will have our complete attention and an assurance of quality and commitment to timelines. We only use the best materials and the results will show once you have the piece of art in your hand.

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