Check out the largest curated collection of art and photography prints for the design community. Whether you are designing a residence, a restaurant or a commercial space, we have a collection for you.

We offer themes, collections, custom sizes and custom framing, all delivered to your doorstep.
Our quality is impeccable and we offer a very special pricing to the design community.

Choose from our massive online collection, or just let us know what you are looking for and we will provide you options.

Everything Under The Sun

From old masters to modern masterpieces. From curated sets to eclectic individual pieces. We have art that will be perfect for your requirement, be it for a home, office or restaurant.
If you would like us to create a collection specific to your need, or have our in-house artists reproduce a favorite piece of art, share your requirement and we will make it happen.

Tallenge Store
Tallenge Store

Choice Of Size & Formats

Be it a small 8x8 size print to big life-size prints, we can deliver any size to you. Plus, we give you options of framed Giclee print, gallery-wrapped canvas, or delivered in a roll to frame as per your requirement.

Quality Assurance

Whether a single piece for an empty wall, or a large number of works for a restaurant or a resort project, you will have our complete attention and an assurance of quality and commitment to timelines. We only use the best materials and the results will show once you have the piece of art in your hand.

Tallenge Store

Designers Tallenge

Shanti Saraswat

 Tallenge Store has been the answer to our art needs. From excellent curated sets of artworks, to finding perfect options of prints and frames, Tallenge has done it all for us and done it exceptionally well at an excellent price. You will be hard pressed to find another art source that is as responsive to your needs. 

Tallenge Store
Tallenge Store

Rahul Shroff

 What I enjoy most about working with Tallenge Store is when I say "I'm thinking of.....", they see and provide options that exactly fit in! Talented and very professional. 


We Can Source Any Type Of Art For You

Just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll get it for you

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