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Set Of 2 Roy Lichtenstein - Whaam! - Gallery Wrap Art Print

  • WHAAM! is one of the best-known works of pop art, and among Lichtenstein's most important paintings. The left-hand panel shows a fighter plane firing a rocket that, in the right-hand panel, hits a second plane which explodes in flames. Lichtenstein conceived the image from several comic-book panels.
  • He transformed his primary source, a panel from a 1962 war comic book, by presenting it as a diptych while altering the relationship of the graphical and narrative elements. Whaam! is regarded for the temporal, spatial and psychological integration of its two panels. The painting's title is integral to the action and impact of the painting, and displayed in large onomatopoeia in the right panel.
  • A panel painting is a painting made on a flat panel made of wood, either a single piece, or a number of pieces joined together. Until canvas became the more popular support medium in the 16th century, it was the normal form of support for a painting not on a wall (fresco) or vellum, which was used for miniatures in illuminated manuscripts and paintings for the framing.
  • This is a set of 2 Gallery Wrapped art prints each measuring approximately with the final size combined 12 inches x 5 inches.
  • High resolution printing on premium artistic canvas, by using a high quality gallery wrapping technique which extends the picture all the way around the wooden frame. And metal hanging hooks already nailed on frame. The canvas art is ready to hang out of the box.

Available Options In Art Panels

12 x 5 inches Canvas Art Panel

12 x 5 inches

18 x 8 inches Canvas Art Panel

18 x 8 inches

10 x 24 inches Canvas Art Panel

10 x 24 inches

13 x 30 inches Canvas Art Panel

13 x 30 inches

15 x 36 inches Canvas Art Panel

15 x 36 inches

30 x 72 inches Canvas Art Panel

30 x 72 inches

20 x 48 inches Canvas Art Panel

20 x 48 inches

44 x 100 inches Canvas Art Panel

44 x 100 inches
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