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Seven A M - Edward Hopper - Framed Prints

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Edward Hopper Paintings

Edward Hopper is widely acknowledged as the most important realist painter of twentieth-century America. Hopper derived his subject matter from two primary sources: one, the common features of American life (gas stations, motels, restaurants, theatres, railroads, and street scenes) and its inhabitants; and two, seascapes and rural landscapes.


No one captured the isolation of the individual within the modern city like Edward Hopper. His imagery of figures within urban settings go well beyond their role as modern cityscapes, exposing the underbelly of the human experience. His work demonstrates that realism is not merely a literal or photographic copying of what we see, but an interpretive rendering.

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About Seven A M Edward Hopper
It is seven in the morning, and the store has yet to open. But perhaps it never will, having been abandoned long ago. There are no goods in the window, only a few plain, insignificant things: three soda water bottles and two prints or photographs mounted on card, perhaps as decoration. The clock on the left wall, the most interesting feature in the display, shows the time. In the interior of the store, empty shelves and a cash register are visible.   Hopper leaves the question as to the nature of the store's business open. The design of the picture resembles that of Cape Cod Evening. In both cases there is a transitionless and slightly eerie juxtaposition of dark woods with light-colored building extending diagonally into the picture, and in both cases the dark zone seems to encroach on and threaten the structure.
About the Framed Prints
Seven A M - Edward Hopper by Edward Hopper. Bring your print to life with three different frame colors. Each framed print comes with equal sized mat that adds a depth perspective to the entire image and a protective glass covering. Our frame prints are assembled, packaged, and shipped by our expert framing staff and shipped within 3 days in "ready to hang" condition with pre-attached mounting points.

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