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Beard The Bulls And Bears In The Market - Framed Prints

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About Beard The Bulls And Bears In The Market
"Bulls And Bears In The Market" by William Holbrook is a very popular painting. The scene is Broad Street with the New York Stock Exchange on the left. This building was later torn down and replaced by the current Stock Exchange on the same spot. The building on the right with the columns is Federal Hall today, but back then it was the U.S. Sub Treasury building. The bulls and bears are locked in a huge battle, and there's fun in exploring the gory details. On the ground are tufts of bear fur and bull hide, gouged and bitten out. A bull on the left is chasing a bear up the red pole. In front of the Stock Exchange, look for a bear being tossed in the air. In the front right, a group of bears examine the hide of a bull they've slaughtered. In the extreme lower right a bear takes a break from the battle to study his account book. Look above him and in the middle ground a bear is using a rope to try and lasso a bull. Beard may have been inspired by the stock market crash of 1873, which produced the worst depression in 19th-century America. That was six years before he did this painting. Even in its satire, the painting captures the real energy and passion of the stock exchange that continue even today.
About the Framed Prints
Beard The Bulls And Bears In The Market by William Holbrook. Bring your print to life with three different frame colors. Each framed print comes with equal sized mat that adds a depth perspective to the entire image and a protective glass covering. Our frame prints are assembled, packaged, and shipped by our expert framing staff and shipped within 3 days in "ready to hang" condition with pre-attached mounting points.

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