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Christian Krohg Paintings
Christian Krohg was a Norwegian naturalist painter, illustrator, author and journalist. Inspired by the ideas of the realists he chose motives primarily from everyday life – often its darker or socially inferior sides. Krohg’s style made him a leading figure in the transition from romanticism to naturalism, characteristic of Norwegian art in this period. View Artist Collection
About the Art
Albertine painting for the novel written in 1886 by Norwegian painter and writer Christian Krohg. The novel is set in Norway's capital, Christiania, and deals with the life of the unmarried seamstress Albertine, who is eventually forced into prostitution due to the social system of the time. The book was confiscated shortly after its publication. In 1888 the Supreme Court of Norway upheld the confiscation, and Krohg was sentenced to pay a fine of NOK 100. Krohg also made several paintings based on the 'Albertine' motif, including Trett in 1885 and Albertine I Politilægens Venteværelse in 1887.

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